WhatsApp Web: Send and receive messages from your computer

WhatsApp Web: Send and receive messages from your computer
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WhatsApp has become a famous international app. This instant messaging app offers a lot of innovating features that make it one of the most used apps in the whole world.

Even though it was especially meant for smartphones, WhatsApp can be used in PCs, too! This is possible thanks to WhatsApp Web, the app designed for PC that will let you access your WhatsApp account from your own computer or laptop.

WhatsApp for Web Online

WhatsApp for Web

How it works WhatsApp Web

It’s practically the same as the original WhatsApp. The most important part of all this is you can send and receive messages just like it would happen in your phone, only in your computer. Although, this does not mean that your actual chats will be erased or replaced. They will be ‘mirrored’ from your phone to your PC instead. Also, the messages you send or receive from your PC will be mirrored on your phone.

Any differences?

After you log in to your WhatsApp account from your computer you will immediately be redirected to an identical interface of the original WhatsApp, and all of your actual chats will appear as they would appear in your phone. If you receive a message it will appear in your phone and in your PC as well. Thus, if you send a message, it will automatically appear in your phone as well.

You can log out, and choose to keep logged in or to be automatically logged out after some minutes of inactivity.
So this is basically a way to use your WhatsApp in your PC. Notice that all the features are present, like all the emoji, the “Answer” feature (to answer a specific message), “Resend”, “Delete”, and more.

WhatsApp Web Online Official Site

It’s very useful and simple. A perfect alternative for those who can’t access WhatsApp from their phone for any reason.

Link | Web.WhatsApp.com

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