A Way to know if you are being spied on Whatsapp

A Way to know if you are being spied on Whatsapp
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Whatsapp is the most successful app in the world in terms of communication, being installed on billions of devices of different platforms and operating systems. Therefore, the app is also a target for many people to use it improperly, in order to spy or collect personal data and other type of information from users. So, today you will learn ways to know if you are being spied on Whatsapp.

Why focusing on safety from Whatsapp is important

Being a personal messenger app, Whatsapp is used to send and receive sensitive information in relation to work, private and valuable material from all of our contacts and ourselves. So, from multimedia files to documents and critical data, this type of information is available for spies to steal it, in the case you are not taking sincerely general safety and privacy of your device.

Because of that, you should consider taking into account some security advices in order to be safe and protected against spies, hackers and other harmful people who can obtained benefits from your delicate information.

Different advices to stay secured and avoid spies on Whatsapp

In first place, consider never to connect your mobile or local device to open internet connection, since you do not know if through such network is running any type of malware to steal personal information. Also, always try to have your Whatsapp app up to date, so the latest software is frequently the most secured against any type of threat.

But, if you are getting the idea that you are being spied by anyone and you want to be sure you are protected or not, there is one specific way to do so. In detail, Whatsapp allows you as a user to open session or log in on a mobile device and a PC simultaneously, sharing the personal information between these connected devices.

Therefore, this is the perfect way for someone to spy on you and what you do on Whatsapp. Now, to check it out definitely you can access to the three dot menu and tap on “Whatsapp Web”; if a camera icon appears you are safe, but if the icon of a browser shows up and you are the one who opened session on such browser, there is a great chance that you are getting spied.

In indeed that is the case, you have to close all you active session on all your devices and also set the “two step” verification function, in order to end the spying on your devices.

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