Deleting sent messages on Whatsapp is now possible

Deleting sent messages on Whatsapp is now possible
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Whatsapp is definitely one of the most used apps on the planet, counting with billions of downloads on different platforms and being the mobile messenger by excellence. That is why, when developers announce a new function or information get leaked, this causes great expectations among users, being in this case the possibility to delete sent messages.

Deleting messages as an important option

In fact, this option related with deleting sent messages has been addressed a few weeks ago, when information was leaked and different sources claim that developers were working on this new feature on Whatsapp. So, the new spread all over the internet and expectation from people around the world was massive, talking about this new Whatsapp feature related to privacy.

Since, being Whatsapp such an important and influential app on the world, millions of users claim for new and more options every day, in terms of communication, emojis, stability, options and privacy. In so, the possibility to delete sent messages for good was definitely and expected feature from this app, being privacy such an important matter these days.

Thus, we will be addressing this new function in detail on how can you delete sent messages that you do not want your contact to read, either because you change your mind about the message, you simply send it by mistake or any other situation. Regardless of the reason, now you will be able to delete these sent messages, changing the way you use this app from now on.

How to delete your sent messages on Whatsapp

In detail, if you want to delete a sent message on Whatsapp you only have to press it long to open a new option; “unsend this message”, pressing on this message will erase the message for good. Now, for you to be able to delete any message from Whatsapp, you will have to do this action within five minutes after you send it, after that the deleting action will be impossible.

Also, another thing to consider about this new option is that when you delete the message, maybe the receiver will not be able to read it in detail, but the text in such message will be changed to: “This message has been deleted”, making the action completely visible.

Of course, the primary purpose of this new feature is done and the original message is deleted for the other not to see it, giving to Whatsapp and extra on privacy and functionality.

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