Find emoticons on Whatsapp by their names

Find emoticons on Whatsapp by their names
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Whatsapp is easily one of the most known and downloaded apps in the world, being used by millions of people on different platforms and mobile devices. Because of it, with every update developers try to improve the app and make it better, so it does not lose the throne it occupies in terms of mobile communication software, not leaving place for close competitors.

Find emoticons on Whatsapp

From security matters to add more functions and change layout and design, developers behind Whatsapp always are trying to make the software better, more  stable and  with less malfunctioning and communication issues such as global fails and others.

But, there are also small improvements at first sight that may seem less significant in theory, but for users these represent great and useful changes to take advantage. In this case, the latest Whatsapp update has to do with emoticons; useful tools we use to express our ideas and make messages a little bit shorter and more meaningful.

Search for emoticons easily

First of all, with every update Whatsapp shows new added emoticons that make the list bigger and bigger since the app exists. So, finding the corresponding faces and symbols has become harder, even existing the corresponding theme tabs from expressions, animals, foods, sports, vehicles, daily elements and flags, having every one of them at least fifty elements.

But, with the latest Whastapp update finding a specific emoticon will not be hard anymore, since we are going to be able to search for its precise name. To do it, follow these simple steps:

  • Open Whatsapp and enter into any conversation
  • Select the face icon at the left side of text entering bar
  • Select the icon face next to “Gif”
  • Press on the magnifying glass at the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Enter the icon name or at list the first letters

Doing so, it would allow you to enter any emoticon you need quite easily, not being necessary to write the whole name. For example, if you want to find the United States flag, entering “US flag” will make appear the proper symbol, even coming on the screen before it is fully written.

Use the keyboard to find emoticons by names

Also, if you use keyboards like Gboard and SwiftKey on IOS or Android, finding emoticons by their names is an integrated function, by just entering the key words and getting the results as suggestions, so you can pick written expressions or faces about what you want to write.

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