Hiding your Whatsapp profile picture from strangers

Hiding your Whatsapp profile picture from strangers
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Privacy has become a little bit shortage these modern days, since the use of mobile devices as tablets and smart phones, along with social networking phenomenon people show their personal life through photos, stage updates and other tools online for their contacts to see them. However, this does not mean you have to let people see everything about your personal information.

Hiding your Whatsapp profile picture

For example, in terms of global messenger apps Whatsapp is definitely the king with no doubt, having more than a billion downloads on every corresponding app market related to IOS, Android and Windows Phone. Now, this app on its stock privacy configuration allows to share your personal information with your contacts, such as profile photo, reading confirmation and more.

But, how about if you do not want to share any of this personal information of yours? In fact, you can do it and easy steps to achieve it are going to be shown. Such as hiding your Whatsapp profile picture from strangers, confirmation reading cancelation and last seen hiding.

Managing privacy parameters on Whatsapp

To begin with, when you install Whastapp on your mobile device or smartphone stock privacy settings are open. So, profile picture is shown everyone with your mobile number, along with reading confirmations and last seen viewing. Therefore, this is exactly what you want to avoid and get a more private using approach, by not letting strangers to access all this data.

Obtaining more privacy on Whatsapp and hide your profile picture from strangers and other matters can be done with some simple steps to follow inside the app:

  • First, open Whatsapp and press the Menu button to find “Settings”
  • Then, find the “Account” and press it.
  • Now you can select the “Privacy” option

Continuing, inside the Privacy option you can modify who can see your profile picture; either just your added contacts or everyone having your number. So, all you have to do is to select “My Contacts” option and that is it. Nevertheless, after you added a new number to your contacts this person will be able to see your profile picture.

Other privacy settings

Also, in this section of the app you can disable showing “last seen” and the blue tick or reading confirmation, so people do not know if you have read the messages or not.

In this way, you can enjoy a more private and secure way of using Whatsapp, by not showing strangers or intruders such important information as profile pictures and last seen states.

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