Whatsapp allows you to send any type of file

Whatsapp allows you to send any type of file
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Without any doubt, Whatsapp is the messenger app of choice by millions of people around the world, being its powerful functionality this massive utilization by users from all countries and nationalities. Now, this app is far from being perfect and many functionalities are asked by people and experts every day, from privacy to transfer and share files between your contacts.

But, if you have been using Whatsapp from quite a while you surely know sharing files is kind of limited by the app. In details, not all file extensions are supported and many data you want to share is not compatible to send to your contacts, being the most used types of files the ones enjoying compatibility to be shared, such as JPG, GIF, XSL, PPT, PDF and others that very known.

Opening Whatsapp to send any kind of file

Nevertheless, the limitation so send only known type of files is already changed, at least for IOS users on their iPads and iPhones. In detail, now they can share any kind of file or data they want, regardless of the type and extension used. In so, sharing documents, professional and multimedia data is now possible through any Whatsapp chat, making easier to send anything.

In relation to Android and Windows Phone users, it is expected this new functionality and limitless file sharing appears in an early actualization through their corresponding app markets, so these users enjoy this new feature as well as IOS users who already have it available. In this way, Whatsapp becomes in more complete and versatile app in comparison to its beginning.

Limitation in terms of file size

Since Whatsapp became such a successful app on the mobile market, many users claim that limitations on sending different types of files was nonsense, in comparison to its competitors that do not have this flaw. Nonetheless, now that developers have heard users in terms of file sharing limitation, the thing is that such files cannot reach some threshold if you want to send them.

In detail, now you can send any type of file through Whatsapp regardless of its extension, but its total digital weight must not surpass 64 MB for each element. So, a high resolution photo, any Full HD or 4K video or high quality file would be impossible to share with that limit, focusing only on small productivity and multimedia files. At least, the file extension limitation is now gone.

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